Tuesday, April 21, 2015

God and Government Pt. 5: God “Gifts” Nations With Their Leader by Chris White

I gave you a king in My anger
And took him away in My wrath. 
                                                     ---Hosea 13:11

America’s greatest leader was George Washington.  He is known in history as the “father of our country” because of his incredible contribution to our founding as a nation.  Washington really is the father of the presidency as well because every holder of the office whether they want to or not, conforms to the patterns he lived by when he held the office.  To my mind, our first president’s true greatness was his character.  Though that character was tested time and again in battle (both military and political), he passed the greatest test when the Colonial Army having defeated the world’s superpower of the day came to him and offered to make him George I of America.  With their help, Washington would be given absolute power and a monarchy rather than have to deal with a pesky continental congress.  When a man of great strength and charisma can turn down the offer of unbridled power, you know they are a person of true character and integrity. 

Great leaders such as Washington are gifts from God and I might add, few and far between.  But something we all need to consider is that bad leaders are also a “gift” from God.  Many times in the Old Testament God raised up a king not as a blessing but as a chastisement to the people for their moral and spiritual failures.  That God guides the history of other nations besides Israel seems abundantly clear in Acts 17 when Paul preaches to the Athenians and tells them that God has determined the habitations, boundaries, and times of every nation on earth.  A good king (in our case president) is a grace, but it also follows that bad ones might be telling us more about our nation’s spiritual health than that we just checked the wrong box on our ballot.  But good or bad presidents aside, God’s people are always called on to preach the gospel and pray for our nation and the good of all people.

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